Corporate Responsibility

We work with many suppliers, but we have a limited number of suppliers we designate as preferred suppliers. We feel that quality trumps quantity. In working with a small number of preferred suppliers, we can build stronger supplier and client relationships creating a win-win relational dynamic with our clients and our suppliers. Our current preferred supplier community can easily fulfill 80% of our customer orders.

In choosing our preferred suppliers, we look at the following criteria:
• Product offering – looking for top quality products with minimal product crossover with our current product offerings within our preferred supplier lineup.
• Decoration – different decorating techniques offered and quality of imprint.
• Customer Service – ensure that we are receiving the best service and that delivery dates are met.
• Problem solving – we are aware that issues will arise, but how are they handled? We look for suppliers that handle them efficiently and effectively, always keeping our clients top of mind.
• Sustainability – expanding our focus towards suppliers that demonstrate compliance to sustainable resources and manufacturing processes has become increasingly prevalent.
• Strong ESG policy or continuing to build upon
• Prop 65 – ensuring our suppliers have strong policies in place and that they are testing every 2 years.
• Product Safety and Compliance is extremely important in ensuring our suppliers are fully compliant with all federal, state, and local laws. As well as corporate social responsibility, CPSIA, and testing.
• Market penetration – ensuring that our suppliers have sales representation throughout
the country to take care of all our client needs.

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