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Since 2003, Promo Logic has been providing exceptional branding services to our clients. Our exclusive focus is you and your brand and we will do whatever is required to get the job done right, on time and within budget.

We are here to help you GET BRANDED.

With high expectation for both ourselves and our supply partners, we work together as a team to get the job done. This is the reason we are ranked in the top 5% of all distributors nationwide.

Our hard work and dedication earned us a coveted partnership with the largest co-op purchasing group in the industry whose buying power is just under 1 Billion dollars. This translates to:

  • lowers costs
  • earlier access to new products
  • simplified supply chain

All of which creates a better overall experience for our clients.

As a full-service promotional marketing agency, it is our goal to partner with our clients by offering a variety of services including account management, global product sourcing, logistics, e-stores, inventory management and fulfillment as well as in-house decorating services.

Our dedicated in-house professional embroidery team is top tier. Promo Logic has been vetted by Nike, North Face and UnderArmour as a preferred decorator for these popular retail brands.

Your brand is who you are, and your brand makes us who we are. Let us help you GET BRANDED!

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